The Method


The method used is taught through certification with Little Flower Yoga, which creates classes with the following components: connect- activities that contain mindfulness practices that help connect to oneself, others, and the environment; breathe- activities that help connect with your breath, learning to regulate your nervous system; move- to enhance physical health, stimulate brain function and create a full exploratory experience; focus: to increase ability to pay attention and retain information; and relax- to transition back to class, restore alertness, and improve sleep.

In addition, nutrition and lifestyle coaching is also available.  Nutrition is the center of what is most helpful for so many issues we face, and thus it gives us the opportunity to manufacture the results we desire- better sleep, less stress, balancing hormones, retaining energy throughout the day, and of course, the regenerating power of restful sleep. Sessions help identify the underlying causes and effect change through healthy habit building. 

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